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An Open Sky

(Khula Aasman)

Fiction film • 14 minutes • India
Written, Directed, Produced by Surbhi Dewan
Presented by Painted Tree Pictures

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about the film

A young woman living in isolation during the pandemic is surrounded by fears, both present and past.

Will she make it through?

Starring Samridhi Dewan

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Do you think a person can stay fine all alone?


The idea for this film came about just after the country-wide lockdown was imposed in late-March 2020. My intention was to create a found-footage style experience since we were working with limited resources and restricted movement – one actor, one camera, one location, and a virtual crew.

Regarding the story, I was inspired by the uniqueness of the situation and how deeply it was affecting all of us. I wanted to use the pandemic as a setting and trigger for the character and yet have themes that would transcend space and time. I was also keen on ending the story on a hopeful note.

I was fortunate to have the film's lead actor and creative producer, Samridhi Dewan, working closely with me throughout the process. In addition to a great performance on screen, she filmed about 90% of the film by herself.

Festivals & Awards


Samridhi Dewan as Jeevika
Girish Sharma as Sambhav

James Scott Edwards as Father

Additional voices:
Puneet Bhatia, Anubha Bhutani

Writer, Director, Editor
Surbhi Dewan

Mithun Gomes & Surbhi Dewan

Creative Producer
Samridhi Dewan

Samridhi Dewan

Sound Mix
Suvrat Prasad

Special Thanks
Rosheena Zehra

Canada Shorts Award of Merit

Cineaste International Film Festival Jury Mention

Europe Asia Festival of Cinema Europe Asia Silver Award

Belgaum International Short Film Festival
Arunachal Film Festival
Jaipur International Film Festival
14th SiGNS Festival
IFFSA Toronto

Siliguri Short & Documentary Film Festival
Best Script Award &
Special Jury Mention Award

Chicago South Asian Film Festival
4th South Asian Short Film Festival
Indic Film Utsav

Colombo International Women's Film Festival
Best Short Film (International) &
Outstanding Performance to lead actor Samridhi Dewan

Cinemaking International Film Festival (Bangladesh)
Honorable Mention


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