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Media Training

Painted Tree Pictures offers a variety of media education and training programs with a mission to promote an ethos of ethical and responsible production and consumption of media. All our trainers are active media professionals with strong ties to the industry. We customize the training capsules based on the needs of the participants and size of class. Scroll down to learn more about our programs.


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Media Literacy

An essential skill in the digital age, Media Literacy is the ability to decipher the meaning and purpose of images we see all around us. We learn about the power and pitfalls of visual persuasion in an interactive multimedia session customized to the needs and age group of the participants.

Duration: 90 minutes

Age: 12+

Boy Checking his Phone
Film Appreciation









A screening-based intense dive into the world of cinema. Ideal for film lovers and aspiring critics.

Duration: 4 hours/2 days

Age: 16+

Film Preview
Filmmaking 101






A crash course in everything to do with making films - from idea to screen. Participants will go back with hands-on experience and a film to show as their own.

Duration: 40 hours

Age: 12+

Broadcast Video Camera
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